nullPotentially energized during his stint as director of Mike Tyson's one-man show, Undisputed Truth (currently running on Broadway), Spike Lee is considering bringing his seminal 1989 film Do The Right Thing to Broadway as well, telling the Good Morning America this morning…

"I'm speaking to Mr James Nederlander about it." 

James Nederlander is of course the producer of Undisputed Truth.  

This came up during a conversation about Red Hook Summer, and Spike's upcoming endeavors. And from the below clip, it's said that Spike's wife, Tonya, is encouraging him to do it. So whether the thought originated with her, or with Spike isn't clear.

Regardless, don't be too surprised if it's suddenly announced that Do The Right Thing is coming to Broadway. 

It's a movie that actually lends itself well to the stage, although if I were to recommend any of Spike's films for a stage adaptation, it would instead be School Daze… as a musical.

What do you folks think about Do The Right Thing coming to Broadway?

Watch the interview below with Good Morning America: