One of the most acclaimed series in the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise has set its return for season 2.

The season premieres on March 27 on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, day-and-date with its local airing on ATRESplayer PREMIUM in Spain. 

The 12 queens competing on this season are Ariel Rec, Diamante Merybrown, Drag Sethlas, Estrella Xtravaganza, Jota Carajota, Juriji Der Klee, Marina, Marisa Prisa, Onyx, Samantha Ballentines, Sharonne and Venedita Von Dash. Supremme de Luxe is returning as host, as are judges Ana Locking, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi.

The logline: Season 2 of Drag Race España will put the queens to the test once again as they compete in photo shoots, dances, artistic challenges and musical performances, impersonations and improvisations. Each week, one queen will be eliminated at the end of the episode until just one queen remains with the title and crown of Spain’s next Drag Superstar. 

Carmen Farala won the inaugural season of the show. Season 2 will have a brand new set and workroom.

Watch the ‘Meet The Queens’ video, learn about them and check out their official descriptions below:


Photo: World of Wonder

Very creative, modern, and a Drag Race fan — she originally “introduced” Drag Race to Spain through reviews and recaps on her YouTube channel and was the host for Drag Race favorite Aquaria on her tour of Spain. She is both competitive and a perfectionist, talkative and contested, and won’t back down in the face of injustices. She also has a lot of wigs (she says almost 80) and a lot of costumes. She’s very versatile and creative, and even makes her own cosplay. She is one of the best known drag queens in Spain.


Photo: World of Wonder

An LGTBIQ+ activist, she sings, acts, dances, and has a killer lipsync. She is a social butterfly and can do a perfect death drop. She has lived in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Germany, France and Australia; and says she has the flavor of the Dominicans, the strength of the maños, the discipline of the Germans, the class of the French and the eccentricity of the Australians.


Photo: World of Wonder

Sethlas is the only drag queen of the Drag Gala of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria who has won the throne twice. She is a very conceptual drag queen— one of her main sources of inspiration comes from religion. With a modern and sexy style, Sethlas has become well-known in the national drag scene as a great dancer with a very dynamic and cheerful personality. 


Photo: World of Wonder

Estrella Xtravaganza is quite talkative with a great sense of humor and tons of energy. She is known for her beauty, art and grace.


Photo: World of Wonder

Jota Carajota is one of those fascinating people that nobody wants to stop looking at and listening to. “No one is more diverse than me: I am a gypsy, bisexual, trans-non-binary, Martian drag queen and folkloric person,” says Jota. Jota is talkative, talented, unique and stunning with a very personal style.



Photo: World of Wonder

Not only does Juriji sing and dance; she acts, she sews, and she performs. She is quite educated and talented — having been selected for both the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and to perform at Madame Arthur in Paris. She is a very special drag queen with a great sense of humor, and a style that goes beyond the norm.


Photo: World of Wonder

From Barcelona, she is a waiter, drag queen and director. She has been doing drag for 4 years and for three years she has made a living entirely from it. She wants to show a non-binary type of drag and her character is based on femme fatales, murderous women, thieves and spies.


Photo: World of Wonder

From Lugo, she is a designer, but is currently working as an administrator. She was living in Madrid, but had to return to her village to work in her father’s fish company. She’s been doing drag for two and a half years.



Photo: World of Wonder

Onyx is very creative and striking — most known for her alien drag. With a rare and unique fantasy aesthetic, Onyx sashays towards a very striking type of underground beauty, inspired by magical creatures, animals and aliens. 


Photo: World of Wonder

Samantha Ballentines is an Andalusian Comedy Queen with a quick-wit and competitive personality. Her makeup is her trademark and she says that she loves to wear “very polished” makeup and look pretty, but it is exaggerated and striking. She is the ex- and drag mother of The Macarena, a queen from Drag Race España S1. She says that she has come to Season 2 to claim the site of San Fernando (Cádiz) in Drag Race since The Macarena was the 1st to be eliminated in her season.


Photo: World of Wonder

Sharonne is a professional on the stage — she sings, she acts, and she dances, and has a comical sense of humor. Her drag inspiration is 70s and 80s diva, complete with Hollywood elegance and disco shine. She loves to stay busy and throughout quarantine, launched a TikTok with classic celebrity impression videos to keep herself entertained. 



Photo: World of Wonder

Venedita Von Dash is a showgirl who knows how to captivate her audience. She is loud and domineering, but has a sensual side thanks to her burlesque shows.