Drag Race France has found its first winner–and she’s already ready to get back in the ring for a second season of an all-winners format or another international all stars!

Speaking about her win shortly after beinig crowned, the series’ newly-crowned winner, Paloma, said she was still in shock.

“Hearing you [say I won helps me] understand the power of the [winning],” she told S&A Unscripted. “It’s a joy. I’m very grateful and empowered by the importance of my position here in France. France is a very progressive country, but in the media, there is not a lot of representation for the queer community and I am part of this history.”

Paloma also was one of the many queens who opened up about experiences in life during the show and bonded and supported their fellow sisters in talking about important things.

“For me, it was a challenge,” she explained. I’m a control freak, so being vulnerable is not part of my fantasy [laughs]. I was very shy at the beginning, very in my mind. In my mind, [I was like], ‘I worked on TV. I know the behind the camera.’ Then maybe the second episode, I was like, if you don’t say anything you don’t exist on the edit [and] nobody is going to relate to you. It’s a lot to accept when you are stressed. And I’m privileged…[so] what would be my story? [But] I’m very happy in life and maybe this is relatable…[maybe] it’s something people need to hear and see. The last year as well was not very enjoyable [with] COVID…maybe we need a little bit of happiness.”

The queen says she has a lot planned now that she has this platform, including film and TV. But she also wants to make sure she’s doing what she needs to be doing for the community.

“It’s not just about me, it’s about what I represent,” she said. “[It’s] not a crown just for me. I need to stay relatable. I need to stay aware of what my community is leaning politically. I need to stay aware.”

And would she return to Drag Race to compete– potentially in the U.S.? No question about it!

“I’m a fan of Drag Race. I don’t know if I’m made for the show, but I think I know how to play the show. The day after the end of the shooting, I was like, ‘Oh, I want to come back.’ I want to come back on the show because I like it. It’s fun,” she said–noting that she actually likes the adrenaline rush and chaos of it all.

“But I need to practice my English,” she joked.

Watch the full interview below in which Paloma talks about her favorite moments from the season, her important lip-sync moment and more.