Lifetime has a brand new film starring Dynasty’s Michael Michele and Gossip Girl‘s Savannah Lee Smith.

Here's the official description:

Inspired by true events, Drunk, Driving, and 17 tells the story of the tragic consequences of underage drinking and social hosting, where adults allow their children to host parties with alcohol with the belief they are safer drinking at home. 17-year-old Kim (Savannah Lee Smith, Gossip Girl) is every parent’s dream – she’s an honor student, popular, responsible, and bound for Stanford. But when she sees her boyfriend Dan flirting with another girl, Kim makes the worst decision of her life. In the blink of an eye, Kim wrecks the car, her life, and almost kills a classmate in a head-on collision. While Kim is responsible for her own actions, Dan’s parents, Martha (Michael Michele, Ali, ER) and Tim also face scrutiny and liability by the town and police for allowing alcohol to be served to minors at their home.

Drunk, Driving, and 17 is produced by Swirl Films and Big Dreams Entertainment. Leslie Greif, Michele Samit and Ronnie Clemmer serve as executive producers with Russ Parr directing.

The script was written by Amber Benson and Richard Kletter.

Watch the exclusive trailer below:

The film premieres on April 15.