Edwin Hodge, brother of Aldis Hodge, has been cast as a series regular cast in CBS’ NCIS: LA spinoff.

I've actually not watched a single episode of NCIS: LA, itself a spin-off of the original NCIS. It's like the Law & Order franchise; lots of spin-offs.

Anyway… a pilot this NCIS: LA spin-off will air as an episode of NCIS: LA later this season, titled Red, and will follow a team of agents who are forced to live and work together as they travel the country solving crimes.

Hodge will play Kai Ashe, a tech savvy computer guy and expert on everything, described as incredibly bright, witty and likable. Funny enough, his brother, Aldis, also played a computer pro in his now-canceled series, Leverage.

Black guys as tech nerds; that's a good thing right? Progress…

Edwin co-starred in last year's remake of Red Dawn.