The movie may be titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but let’s be clear…it’s Wanda Maximoff’s time to shine. And Elizabeth Olsen is more than ready to rise to the occasion.

Though she’s been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for so many years, Olsen says she had no idea all of this could happen for the character, especially the events of WandaVision.

She told Shadow and Act in a recent interview, “I feel like I could have kind of predicted what would happen with Vision…that they would have this relationship. And I didn’t expect him to disappe-….die. [laughs]. That was a surprise. But really, why would I ever assume that I would have been doing a limited series when I signed on for Marvel films before Disney+ was even created. So this is really been quite a change that I was never expecting. And WandaVision was such a gift and was so fun. I did think that there could be something beautiful to be done with a kind of Twilight Zone-y experience for her and for her childhood. I just never expected that Jac Schaeffer would create such a magical world for us to inhabit these characters. It’s all been a surprise.”

On what themes that the film transfers over from the Disney+ series, Olsen says “everything.”

“From the loss she experiences from the children she’s created, to the loss of Vision again, to having to isolate from what she had done in Westview, and then, also this new information and knowledge that she has a destiny…that she’s not just a human experiment…that she actually is this mythic witch– not as bad as who she’s always been, and that acceptance of that kind of power…[all of that].”

And what’s next for the Scarlet Witch? Are we “no more mutants”-ing?

“Even Kevin [Feige] on this film, afterward, he said, ‘Do you know you would want to do next?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t.’ I feel like I’ve gotten to do so much in the last two years with this character and I’m really proud of the storylines that we’ve created and her journey. I’m kind of at a place where even though I don’t really interact with fan engagement because I don’t have [socal media], I hear things from either journalists or from friends or family members. And I really want to know what fans want to see next. I genuinely feel like they have some of the best ideas out there. And that’s like wealth. We make these movies for the fans. And I would love to hear ideas, because even with WandaVision, people had some fan theories because of the new knowledge of the next phase of Marvel. But we didn’t have that knowledge when we were filming in 2019, so it couldn’t have been incorporated in that. But even those were so smart. I do think that listening to the fans and that kind of engagement is what is how I want to inform whatever happens after this film.”

Check out the full interview with Olsen, as well as her co-stars Xochitl Gomez and Benedict Wong, below.