nullIt should no longer be a surprise to you all that the puppeteer behind the popular puppet Elmo is a black man name Kevin Clash.

He was the focus of a documentary we talked about quite a bit on this site last year, titled Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey.

But it may be a surprise to most that Mr Clash is also a director and producer, with a number of TV movie credits on his resume – mostly within the Sesame Street universe he works in primarily.

And Kevin will be making his big screen debut as a producer on a feature film adaptation of the classic Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

That's right, the dolls are heading to the bigscreen to star in their own musical comedy in a producing partnership between Mr Kevin Clash and The Gotham Group.

Variety notes that the project will take place in a contemporary, live-action setting, combining puppetry and CG to bring the characters to life, with celebrity cameos, although no word on who those celebs will be yet.

So what's the story going to be?

Based on the classic storybook "Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel With Wrinkled Knees," [the story] centers on the dolls being lost in a modern-day city and possibly having to save a stolen friend from the clutches of a scheming enemy.

Raggedy Ann was created in 1915 as a doll, and was later introduced in the 1918 book Raggedy Ann Stories.

The dolls were first feartured on the bigscreen in 1941's animated 17-minute film Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.

It'll be wise to keep a closer eye on Mr Clash from here on, as he makes the leap to big screen feature film production, if only to see where it all leads.