Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt has made its way into the homes of viewers and things are getting spicy really quickly.

Shadow and Act spoke with the cast ahead of the debut of the new series directed by Kerry Washington and executive produced by television veterans Raamla Mohamed and Larry Wilmore.

"If I had to describe where she is at the beginning, when we first meet Jax, she's in a place of trying to figure out where she's willing to go at this point," Emayatzy Corinealdi told Shadow and Act.

Her character, Jax Stewart, is described as “the most brilliant and fearless defence attorney in Los Angeles who bucks the justice system every chance she gets.”

“Things are a bit disruptive in her life in a way that she didn’t anticipate and she’s trying to figure out how to navigate this new space in her personal life and that comes to her professional life,” Corinealdi added.

One may think that Jax has it all together after initially setting eyes upon her in the new drama series, but will quickly learn that there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Speaking of more, Jax is a mother to two beautiful children and the wife to Lewis, described as “the man your mama meets once and asks about forever.” Much like Jax, Lewis is also at a crossroads, trying to sort out the nuances of life.

“As human beings we always find ourselves at these moments where we’re really trying to earnestly seek out solutions, especially when there’s things on the table like family, love and children,” said McKinley Freeman of his character.

"I think that, for Lewis, a lot of it is trying to also juggle a lot of things in his own circles, making sure that he's raising a young man that he can be proud of, that'll be respectful," said Freeman.

“Being a father to a young lady and being a present husband even when it’s challenging and I think that’s something for me, from a black male perspective, that’s important that it comes across authentically,” he continued. “As much as there are lots of other representations of Black men and marriage situations or whatever the case may be, I do think that it’s cool to be in a situation where you have a positive African American father that’s a computer designer [and] doing everything that he can.”

Watch McKinley and Corinealdi as they navigate changes in their marriage and grapple with the realities of life and the real world in Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt, now available for streaming with new episodes each and every Tuesday.

The full interviews above also feature Sean Patrick Thomas, Angela Grovey and Tim Jo.