Oscilloscope Laboratories opens Andrew Dosunmu’s lauded Sundance competition drama entry Mother of George tomorrow, Friday, September 13, 2013, at theaters in major markets across the country.

One of those markets is New York City, where the film will run at the Angelika and the Times Square AMC, and since you folks have shown how excited you are to finally get to see the film, Oscilloscope is offering 3 pairs of Run of Engagement passes to see the film at the Angelika

Run of Engagement” passes means that, if you win one pair of the passes, you (and your guest) can see the film, at the Angelika, at any of its listed screening times, BUT only from Monday through Thursday, for as long as the film is playing at the Angelika.

To claim one pair of those passes, all you have to do is answer this rather simple question related to the film: At the center of the film is a newly-married couple played by Danai Gurira and Isaach De Bankolé. What country are the characters they play from?

Easy enough, right? Send your answers to me at No need for any intros, just type the name of the country within the body of the email, and in the subject box, enter “Mother Of George Giveaway.”  

You have until tomorrow, Friday, September 13, 2013, at Noon EST to submit your answers and qualify. 

The 3 winners will be notified shortly thereafter, so make sure you use an email address that you access frequently, because if I don’t get a reply from you by the end of Friday (11:59 EST), the passes you win (assuming you win) will go to someone else.

And the contest begins……… Now!