Feeling anxious as we deal with the coronavirus outbreak? If you need an escape from reality, there is no better place to look than reality television from cooking competitions, to dating shows to lifestyle programming, we’ve got you covered on several shows that you need to binge ASAP.

1. The Circle

The Big Brother-like competition series captivated viewers earlier this year as a twist on what we’ve seen before in the genre. In The Circle, adapted from the UK program of the same name, contestants are sequestered in an apartment complex and can only communicate with each other through televisions in the room which all have an app called The Circle. The contestants can meet, communicate and build relationships with each other through this app. The catch? Any of them could be a catfish in the game and pretending to be someone else.

2Love is Blind

Filling the void left by The Circle in the reality television stratosphere is an even wilder show of the same vain. Though it shares some aspects with The Circle, as the contestants are largely not face-to-face with their prospective partner, the show has carved out its own space in reality television and has everyone searching for the Cameron to their Lauren.

3. Nailed It!

Nailed It! is sure to be a bright spot in your day if you’re feeling down. Nicole Byer hosts the Netflix show that features three non-bakers trying to recreate elaborate cake creations with hilarious results. For everyone out there that always wanted to be a baker but never had a chance to enhance your skills — this one is for you.

4Styling Hollywood

Have you ever wanted more insight into how your Black Hollywood faves are styled? Look no further than Styling Hollywood. The show stars married couple celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and interior designer Adair Curtis as they amp up the style of some of our favorite Black Hollywood celebrities through their lifestyle company JSN Studio. Their list of clients includes Taraji P. Henson, Sabrina Carpenter, Eve, Ava DuVernay, Gabrielle Union and many more.

5. Rhythm + Flow

For all the would-be MCs is Rhythm + Flow, which is Netflix’s very first music reality competition series. With judges Chance the Rapper, Cardi B and T.I., the series brings together the industry’s finest for a multi-city search in hip hop epicenters Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago, to find raw talent and help undiscovered artists pursue their come ups. Three different phases of the competition are featured across 10 episodes that are each an hour-long in length.


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Photo: Netflix

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