There’s no #BlackBoyMagic popularly used in the mainstream, and that might be because of the dearth of magical Black boys and men on screen. Though there are far more Black witches than Black warlocks on screen, even their numbers are low. Here are 6 Black warlocks who are holding down Black Magic on TV and film:

1) Behold, American Horror Story

On American Horror Story: Apocalypse Behold (played by the always excellent Billy Porter) is the leader of the warlocks who protects and trains the younger ones while fighting for representation among the highest ranks of the Witches Council.

2) Vincent, The Originals

On the Vampire Diaries spin-off show The Originals, Vincent Griffith (Yusuf Gatewood) is a powerful New Orleans warlock who does all he can to defeat the vampires who rule the city.

3) Ambrose, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Ambrose (played by Chance Perdomo) is the newest Black warlock on TV. The pansexual recluse-by-force is Sabrina’s witty, headstrong cousin on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and a fan favorite character.

4) Dean Thomas, Harry Potter

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling supposedly had an incredible amount of detail written about young Black warlock (wizard) Dean Thomas (Alfred Enoch), the football-fanatic of Gryffindor. Unfortunately, all of that juicy backstory never made it to the films and we don’t get as much of the half-blood warlock as we deserve. He was a member of Dumbledore Army and he survives the Second Wizarding War, but we don’t know much about what happens to him after that.

5) Lafayette, True Blood

No one could read like Lafayette! The short order cook battled vampires and racists alike in the Louisiana bayou. He transcended boundaries of gender stereotypes and was a powerful spiritual vessel. He got involved in the Wiccan faith when he started dating a powerful brujo who practiced Santería, and he was eventually able to tap into his powers as a medium.

6) Baron Samedi, Live and Let Die

Baron Samedi is the god of death in Haitian Voodoo. He’s portrayed in the James Bond film Live and Let Die as an entertainer by day who has supernatural powers connected to Voodoo. Just as in the film, Baron Samedi is often depicted as wearing a top hat, a tuxedo, and a painted white skull for a face, like a corpse at a funeral.


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