While Tia and Tamera Mowry will go down in history for their iconic television series, Sister, Sister, they also starred in a cult classic film of the 2000s, Seventeen Again (not to be confused with the Zac Efron film). The film revolves around a brother and sister (Tia Mowry and Tahj Mowry) who race against the clock to find an antidote after their grandparents (Tamera Mowry and Mark Taylor) are accidentally de-aged and could be subject to lethal side-effects!

Here are six facts that you may not know about the film:

1. Seventeen Again is actually not a Disney-produced film, it’s a Showtime original!

Though like Sister, Sister the film aired heavily on Disney Channel, it was not a Disney production. The film was actually distributed by Showtime as a Showtime Original.

2. It was produced by Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockton.

Stockton executive produced the film and composed music for it. He also performed five original songs that appeared in the film. Black excellence indeed!

3. It is one of Tia and Tamera’s first roles together where they didn’t play siblings.

While Tia and Tamera have differing acting credits both before and after this film, when they are in a project together, they typically play sisters. This was one of the rare occasions that they did not.

4. It is the only project to see Tia, Tamera and Tahj all in main roles, together.

This is the first film or television series to see Tia, Tamera and Tahj all as principal cast members. On the television front, Tia and Tamera guest-starred in an episode of Smart Guy while Tahj had a recurring role on Sister, Sister. 

5. The film was directed by a Spike Lee protege.

Jeffrey Byrd got his start by working on Spike Lee projects like Mo’ Better Blues, Malcolm X and Jungle Fever. Since Seventeen Again, he’s directed episodes of several television series, including Dynasty, Marvel’s Runaways, Charmed, Black Lightning, The Originals and more. He’s set to direct the upcoming film Kidnapped: The Kamiyah Mobley Story starring Niecy Nash.

6. It won an award at ABFF in 2000.

At the American Black Film Festival (then known as the Acapulco Black Film Festival) back in 2000 for Best Work in Progress, ahead of its later debut on Showtime.


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Photo: Showtime