"Azuike | The Strength of Your Back"
“Azuike | The Strength of Your Back”

For Mothers day, myself and my team at 55media put together this short film which highlights and celebrates mothers.

The piece is an intimate film showcasing the love and sacrifice from a mother, to her daughters. Three young women are featured in this piece, all doctors, commemorating the commitment, dedication and strength (both literally and figuratively) that it took their mothers to bring them up, from childhood to sophisticated, beautiful and accomplished women.

The title of the piece is “Azuike | The Strength of Your Back.” Azuike is an Igbo word which translates literally to back strength. And the name of the family featured in the piece is Azuike.

The film was directed by me (Uche Aguh), and the poem, narrated by myself, written by Keside Anosike. The cinematography is from my production partner Dennis Schmitz.

The women featured in the film: Dr. Ugochi Azuike, Dr. Chichi Azuike, Andie Obienu and the mother, Mrs. Ebehi Azuike.

The hair was done by Whitney Porter, and the make up by Kevin Luong.