Teen rapper Alaya “Lay Lay” High, the youngest rapper signed to a record deal through her own label, has been tapped as the lead of That Girl Lay Lay. The series is created by Fuller House writer and producer David A. Arnold and produced by Will Packer. The series is part of High’s deal with Nickelodeon and is set to premiere in the summer.

High will play a heightened version of her hip hop persona, which has been turned into a personal affirmation app avatar come to life. Now in the real world, Lay Lay and her best friend Sadie face teenage life together as they learn more about themselves from the challenges they face.

“We’re so excited to have That Girl Lay Lay star in a series that’s just as fierce and funny as she is,” said Zack Olin, Senior Vice President, Live Action. “At its heart, the show David A. Arnold created is about staying true to yourself, and with the immensely talented Will Packer producing, we just know that viewers are going to immediately fall in love with this series.”

“That Girl Lay Lay is a multitalented force of nature destined for mega-stardom. I’m so excited about what she represents as a talented African-American girl with her own platform to showcase her unique abilities,” said Will Packer. “David A. Arnold has crafted the right show at the right time and Nickelodeon is the perfect partner.”

In addition to the series, Nickelodeon’s comprehensive strategy for That Girl Lay Lay “includes supporting her music career and an exclusive line of consumer products, with merchandising agreements spanning categories such as fashion, accessories, publishing and more.”

Nickelodeon is also reinvesting in Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, which has been greenlit for a second season. Dylan Gilmer continues to play “hip-hop mogul-in-training” Dylan who continues to grow up with his extended family. According to the official description:

The second season of Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan (20 episodes) sees the Wilson family household getting into even more hilarious hijinks. Hip-hop mogul-in-training Dylan (Dylan Gilmer) continues his pursuit of stardom, while acclimating to suburban life with uncle Myles (Carl Anthony Payne II), aunt Yasmine (Mieko Hillman), grandmother Viola (Aloma Lesley Wright), cousins Rebecca (Celina Smith) and Charlie (Hero Hunter) and Rebecca’s best friend Bethany (Jet Miller). Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan is executive produced and created by Tyler Perry with Michelle Sneed as executive producer, and Will Areu and Mark E. Swinton serving as producers.