nullHey everyone!

As I said in my last update on Monday, this is our last week on Indiewire, and I’ve working to temporarily park the Shadow and Act blog at a new location, while I continue to explore available options. I received a ton of feedback and support after my initial announcement 3 weeks ago on the site’s potential future, which I’m incredibly grateful for, with many offering suggestions on how the site can continue to exist and thrive post-Indiewire. And so I’ve been considering the most viable options, researching thoroughly the pros and cons of each, so that I can make a well-informed decision on what comes next. And that’s taking some time to properly sort through.

So starting next Monday, May 2, 2016, Shadow and Act will have a new, albeit temporary home (although it could very well become permanent), which will give me a little more necessary time to do the work required to reach a conclusion based on what’s currently in front of me.

In the meantime, as stated, beginning on Monday, May 2, Shadow and Act will be found at It’s the name of the website with a ".com" at the end of it. Easy enough to remember, right? So be sure to change your bookmarks to reflect this new web address.

For those who subscribe via news RSS readers like Feedly, I will provide an update on what the new RSS feed address will be, by Monday. And for those who subscribe via email, Indiewire will be providing us with a list of every current email subscriber, so, at the moment, there isn’t anything you need to do, because we’ll have your information and it should be a matter of simply importing all of it into our new email subscription service.

Our Facebook and Twitter accounts remain the same. So if you follow us at either social media location, you’re good; there’s nothing for you to do either.

But wherever, or on whatever platform you follow Shadow and Act, you should be able to reach us at the new location, If you receive our content via some other channel I haven’t mentioned here, please let me know so that I can make sure you’re taken care of. But making note of the new address – – is an important first step.

As with any transition, temporary or permanent, I expect there’ll be some kinks to be worked out initially, so please be patient if you encounter any problems when the site relaunches at its new location on Monday. Just send me an email letting me know about any problems you come across. 

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment section below that I didn’t address here; or send me an email at

Again, is where the site will exist starting on Monday, May 2, 2016.

Thanks for your patience and hopefully we’ll see you there!

For those just joining us, who have absolutely no idea what all this is about, you can catch up on all the details here and then here.