Alexandra Shipp has once again made some X-Men/Storm-related comments that haven’t gone over too well on social media.

After being called out repeatedly for dismissing criticisms of colorism in the casting of Storm, who was a dark-skinned African woman in the comics, she’s back again in an interview with speaking on Dark Phoenix (the last X-Men film before Disney will likely reboot the characters now that they have the rights from Fox). Shipp presented her idea for a hypothetical Storm film featuring only lighter-skinned actresses.

“Okay, so this is what I’ve come up with,” she said. “I think it’d be really cool if you had me and Halle [Berry] both teaming up together and fighting a baddie. We have to save the planet past, future, present and maybe throw in Yara [Shahidi] in there, and have her be a young one, or Amandla [Stenberg] be the younger one. I think it’d be even cooler. So I feel like we just gotta get a whole bunch of Storms together, because then people will just be like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so much Storm.'”

Of course, she seems to be basing her idea on women that look like herself and Berry, since Shipp is playing a younger version of Berry’s interpretation of Storm in the first place in the universe that Fox created. However, Shipp’s idea invokes colorism, especially since she’s provided questionable statements regarding colorism and Storm in the past. Also, how could Shahidi and Stenberg play younger versions of Shipp when all three actresses are about the same age in the first place?

Shipp opened herself up to further criticism from the Twittersphere, including those who are re-upping the call for darker-skinned actresses to play the heroine. Here’s what folks had to say.

— Lil ???? Lyanna ???????? (@NeyhoLiyah) May 24, 2019


If you want to check out Dark Phoenix, it hits theaters next month.


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