Two classics of Black television have become one in Shadow And Act’s latest mashup, this time featuring Atlanta and The Wire.

Even though the two series are seemingly worlds apart, there are key similarities. Both take place in Black metropolises and, of course, deal with experiences growing up in America. However, while The Wire focuses on the struggles growing up in gang culture, Atlanta focuses on Black creatives who are trying to break into the music industry.

The two series also have spoken to their generation in a way other shows haven’t. The Wire captivated its audience for capturing realism in its storytelling and giving audiences a window into how American society can affect, or even corrupt, the entities that are meant to protect, serve, and educate. Atlanta, on the other hand, gives the Black Millennial experience life by showcasing in both realistic and absurdist ways how the journey to self-realization is often confusing and surprising.



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Photo: FX

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