Sometimes when it comes to love, it just takes one moment to change your life. That is the case with the characters in Between Forever from Archstone Entertainment. Shadow and Act has the exclusive debut of the film’s trailer, which you can see below.

Written by and starring Rasheed Stephens and directed by Scooter Powell in his directorial debut, the film follows two people who have a chance meeting that changes the course of their lives. The film also stars Tiona Bland, Ralph Lammie Jr. and Brittany Ayona Clemons.

According to the official description:

“Between Forever is a charming story of two strangers who meet while they are each at a personal crossroads and spend an unexpectedly perfect day together. As the sun sets, they must decide if this was a momentary diversion or a meaningful connection that could alter their lives forever. The surprising day brings the two together and entangles them in a day full of adventure, culture, connection, self-realization, and could it be love?”

In his director’s statement, Powell called the film “the return of the African American love story.”

“[Between Forever is] in the tradition of Love Jones, Love and Basketball, Lady Sings The Blues and Mahogany,” he said. “I see the story of when Marlon meets April as a potential classic. Not love at first sight, but a different spin on the laws of attraction.”

The film already has accolades to its name, including Best Actor (Stephens) at the Chicago Indie Film Awards. Powell was also recognized as a finalist for New Filmmakers NY 2021. Between Forever will be available On Demand and Digital Oct. 15.

Watch the trailer below: