Dwayne Johnson is excited that the world is seeing the unstoppable Black Adam can be.

In an interview with Shadow and Act’s managing editor, Trey Mangum, Johnson said that he had a few story beats he wanted to make sure were in Black Adam, Warner Bros. latest DCEU film.

“There were a few things that I felt were characteristic story point anchors that we should tell and deliver to the audience as we’re telling Black Adam’s origin story,” he said. “Number one, let’s go back to how he started. He was a mortal man and a slave and his family was enslaved. He was okay with the status quo and he did not want to interrupt or disrupt anything, yet he had a son who felt like, ‘Wait a second, there’s a better life for us, and how we’re treated and oppressed is wrong and we can do it if we band together.'”

After his family is “wiped away,” according to Johnson, Black Adam (then known just as Teth-Adam) is “blessed with powers that rival Superman but he doesn’t want them.”

“That kind of psychology is just so intriguing to me, just as a superhero fan, how complex that is,” Johnson continued. “…I love that we have this opportunity to really show just how powerful and unstoppable Black Adam truly is.”

There’s also a big cameo in the film that will give audiences an idea of who it might take to stop him–a certain superhero with a huge “S” emblem on his chest.

“I love that we’re able to introduce Black Adam, show these superpowers that has, and if we do it right, we show that he is this unstoppable force on this planet, and then show the audience who is arguably the unstoppable force of the entire universe,” he said.

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