The Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) is imagining a time when Black people will be free from subjugation and oppression in their new video, Black Futures: An Ode to Freedom Summer.

The short Afrofuturist film is set in “the Solar Year 2172” and “imagines a time when all Black people will be free: free to dream, free to flourish, and free to be.” Black people in this time find a time capsule from Freedom Summer 2020 and rediscover the civil rights movement that took place that allowed them to grow up without fears of death at the hands of America. The film is part of the organization’s relabeling of Black History Month, “Black Futures Month.”

“Most days we are robbed of the space to dream, tell new stories, and feed our Black radical imagination,” said the organization in a statement. “During Black Futures Month, we are taking the time to uplift artists, creators, and organizers in our ecosystem and beyond. It’s time to tell the stories we have yet to hear—stories that will unlock our future, and visions of a future society that invests in people and community.”

Check out the video below: