With all of the mass hysteria caused by the success of Black Panther, it seems only right that BET would now make its short-lived Black Panther series from 2010 available again.

Over the years, episodes have appeared on DailyMotion and YouTube, with most being snatched down after the success of Disney’s Marvel films really began to take the world by storm.

The series was from famed writer, director and producer Reginald Hudlin, who wrote the Black Panther comic in the mid-2000s. Hudlin was responsible for writing crucial several aspects of what we know now to be T’Challa’s story, including his marriage to X-Men mutant Storm and the introduction of his younger half-sister, Shuri.

The series featured an all-star lineup of voices, including Djimon Hounsou as T’Challa, Kerry Washington as Princess Shuri, Alfre Woodard as Dondi Reese, Jill Scott as Storm and Phil Morris as W’Kabi. Marvel chairman Stan Lee voiced a main character named General Wallace. Other characters who appeared in the series were Klaw, Everett K. Ross, Cyclops and Captain America.

jillscotstorm 4117391-shuri

The plot centered on T’Challa, after the death of T’Chaka, dealing with jealousy in the Wakandan royal court as he’s trying to look out for who killed his father. Meanwhile, Klaw (who assassinated T’Chaka) puts together a group of villains to assist him in taking over Wakanda.

Via Marvel Knights Animation, the series the six episodes in Australia in January 2010 and in the United States in 2011.

BET is currently staggering the upload of the videos through the day, but all 6 of them will be available on their Facebook page.