Dear White People‘s Antoinette Robertson, Nia Jervier and Logan Browning reflected on the concept of black sisterhood, a theme that runs throughout the series, on the new Netflix aftershow What Had Happened Was.

Spoiler alert! Spoilers for season 2 of Dear White People continue below:

Between Samantha (Browning)’s father dying and Coco (Robertson) going through with her abortion, there were plenty of moments this season in which the women characters of Dear White People have shown each other love, even if they aren’t always friends.

In sisterhood, it ebbs and flows…The sisterhood remains even though you might be frenemies,” Jervier said.

That’s something that you don’t see a lot, like that specific relationship where these two people actually don’t get along, like they don’t vibe at all, but they’re not tearing each other down,” Browning said.

They put that aside when it counts to show up for the sisterhood…It makes it more like family,” Jervier said.

You can watch the full episode of What Had Happened Was below via Netflix’s Strong Black Lead.