Paramount’s Bob Marley biopic has finally found a director.

According to Deadline, Reinaldo Marcus Green, director of the upcoming biopic of Venus and Serena Williams’ coach and father Richard Williams King Richard, will helm the project.

In a statement, Green talked about Marley’s impact on world music and pop culture.

“Bob Marley’s music lives on in all of us,” he said. “His lyrics transcend continents, color, creed, and generations of people. It heals. It fights. It bleeds love and truth. It’s a true honor and privilege to work with Ziggy and the Marley Family, and Paramount Pictures to bring this story to life.”

Green also said how he believes the film will bring Marley’s fans closer to understanding the person behind the legend.

“Audiences want to know the real Bob, the man as well as the legend,” he said. “I trust this film will bring us closer to understanding his journey, his music, and continue to carry the torch of his legacy with humility, grace, and most of all, love.”

Marley’s family, including Rita Marley, Ziggy Marley and Cedella Marley, will produce the film via the family’s Tuff Gong recording studio. Southside with You, Mudbound and The Hate U Give producer Robert Teitel will also produce.