Former Underground actor Aldis Hodge received glowing reviews at the Sundance Film Festival for his performance in Clemency, written and directed by Chinonye Chukwu. However, Hodge is currently making a bid for leading man status in the trailer for his upcoming film, Brian Banks.

The film tells the true story of Brian Banks, a talented linebacker who committed to playing for USC. However, his life was altered in 2002 after he was falsely accused of rape by a high school classmate. The USC prospect was sentenced to five years in prison and five years on probation.

As the trailer illustrates, after being released from prison, Banks garners the support of Justin Brooks (Greg Kinnear) and the Innocence Project to take back his life and reclaim his dreams of playing football in the NFL.

Aside from Hodge and Kinnear, Brian Banks also stars California Innocence Project attorney Alissa Bjerkhoel, and Dorian Missick as Officer Mick Randolph, an authority figure with a deep hatred for sex offenders whose attitude towards Brian changes when he realizes he may be innocent. The film is directed by Tom Shadyac, written by Doug Atchison, and co-executive produced by Banks himself. The movie arrives in theaters from Bleeker Street on August 9.

Check out the riveting first trailer below.


Aldis Hodge cast in ‘Brian Banks’ biopic, on the USC football commit wrongly imprisoned for rape

Dorian Missick joins Aldis Hodge in ‘Brian Banks’ biopic


Photo: Bleeker Street