Regé-Jean Page’s character arc on Bridgerton may have ended at the conclusion of season 1, but that doesn’t mean that the character’s influence came to a close

Netflix’s breakout show caused quite a stir when it was announced that Simon, the Duke of Hastings would not continue into season 2.

In a statement from Netflix at the time, the streaming giant noted, “We’ll miss Simon’s presence onscreen, but he will always be a part of the Bridgerton family… Daphne will remain a devoted wife and sister, helping her brother navigate the upcoming social season and what it has to offer – more intrigue and romance than my readers may be able to bear.”

While many fans were shocked, Page knew that his character would not last beyond season 1. When news broke, Page took to his Instagram to bid his farewell.

“The ride of a lifetime,” he wrote. “It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be your Duke. Joining this family – not just on screen, but off screen too. Our incredibly creative and generous cast, crew, outstanding fans – it’s all been beyond anything I could have imagined. The love is real and will just keep growing.”

In a recent interview his co-star and primary scene partner, Phoebe Dynevor, told The Wrap, “I think he’ll definitely be referred to a lot. I think we’ll see the baby…And we’ll just focus more on her relationship with the Bridgerton Family. It’s definitely different.”

She continued, “And I’ve said it before, but I think the fans who have read the books and know the books are aware that every season will focus on a different sibling’s journey. And it might be a little bit more of a — not shock, but like a surprise for the fans that love Daphne and Simon’s story so much. But I think that’s honestly the joy of the show in the long-term, getting to see these different love stories play out.”

Season 2 of the show will focus mostly on Jonathan Bailey’s character of Anthony Bridgerton.