"Noem My Skollie"
“Noem My Skollie” (“Call Me Thief”)

Set in 1960’s Cape Town, “Noem My Skollie” (“Call Me Thief”) tells a story based on the life of the film’s screenwriter, John W. Fredericks, about a young man who is set to hang when indicted for a murder he did not commit.

Directed By Daryne Joshua, the film takes place in the 1960’s in the impoverished Cape Flats in South Africa. Four boys form a teenage gang to protect themselves from bullying, and almost as soon as their childhood pact is declared, they begin the downward spiral to become hardened gangsters. Some years later, the gang leader, Abraham, discovers in jail that he has a gift for telling stories and becomes the prison “cinema” which earns him respect and status. On his eventual release from prison, Abraham begins to write his stories, and develops a new lease on life with his childhood sweetheart, Jenny. Meanwhile his gangster buddies rope him into the murder of a taxi driver for which they will all be hung if proven guilty.

The film stars Dann-Jaques Mouton, Gantane Kusch, Austin Rose, Peter Butler, Hemelbesem, Oscar Peterson, and Tarryn Wyngaard.

“Noem My Skollie” (“Call Me Thief”) is produced by David Max Brown and Moshidi Motshegwa.

Announced today, the film is South Africa’s submission for the 2017 Foreign Language Film Oscar competition.

Check out the trailer below: