We’re halfway through Season 2 of Canada’s Drag Race, and we’ve seen the queens give a country twist to the girl group challenge. Unfortunately, as it is with every week, another girl has to go, and this time, it’s Eve 6000.

Despite getting eliminated, Eve told Shadow and Act that she was glad to get to do the girl group challenge.

“I was really happy doing that challenge because we finally got to work in a group,” she said. “We haven’t gotten to do that for the entire season or at least I haven’t, and I really appreciated getting to work with Kendall [Gender] and Synthia [Kiss] and Kimora [Amour] because we all worked so well together. And it was a really great experience like getting to. collaborate on something because we haven’t done to do that the entire time. So I had a lot of fun with it.”

She said what she wanted to accomplish in the challenge was to show off her musical skills.

“My strategy with it was to showcase my skills as a songwriter and as a vocal performer in some way, you know, a rapper or a singer or whatever, you know? Cause that, that is something that I do think I’m good at,” she said. “So I was excited to be able to show off, um, the songwriting, especially.”

While the challenge itself didn’t rattle Eve, the constant refrain in the critiques of wanting to see something different did.

“I didn’t have a problem with being critiqued. And I think you’ll see in the first three to four episodes, I really had never spoken back into any other critiques. I smiled and nodded the whole time. And I tried to listen to what they were saying,” she said. “What was difficult was that it was every single week. Nobody else in the competition experienced that. And even when I was in the top and week three, I still felt like all of the positive things that they said to me were tempered by something negative. And of course you don’t get to see all of that on TV. They don’t air every second of it. Right. So I really felt like they were very hard on me and I never got the glowing praise that some of the other girls got, you know.”

“It was like every week they would be like [to other queens], oh my God, you were so incredible. You’re so beautiful. You’re so smart. I never got anything like that. So it was hard,” she continued. “Being a very self-critical person, comparing myself constantly against the things that we’re saying to them and the things they were saying to me.”

She also commented on one of the critiques Brooke Lynn Hytes giving her regarding how easy she makes looking good in drag seem.

“That was one of the things that really bothered me because she says, ‘You always look good as if it’s not a big deal as if I didn’t put all this work into it.’ And they don’t care about the work that I did because they just take it for granted, you know, whereas everyone else it’s like they get their highs and lows. They really get praised for the things they do well. I don’t feel like I got that.”

Other challenges Eve excelled at but got middling critiques were also brought up, particularly the week of the acting challenge, in which Eve turned in one of the best performances of the episode, but went unrewarded for her efforts. Eve said she only realized how well she did after watching her performance on television.

“Adriana ended up winning and that was something where, while I was there, I didn’t even understand how well I had done in the challenge because the critiques that they gave me again, it was like, they would say something good, but then it was peppered with other bullshit, you know, so I never, I never got the full glory that I feel like I deserved in that moment,” she said. “Watching it back, I was like, ‘Wow, I should have won that.’ I didn’t even realize how well I had done, but like watching it back, I felt like I completely dominated that challenge. So it was weird that they were like almost gritting through their teeth, like trying not to give me the praise that I deserved, you know?”

She said she had the perception that the judges were giving her more negative critiques than some of the other queens.

“I don’t know. I think we’re all human beings. We all can have biases…We all can like certain people more than others, just because of their vibe or whatever,” she said regarding if there was a reason why she felt the iffy vibe from the judges. “And I think for whatever reason, the judges just generally weren’t understanding what I was putting out.”

“I mean, I felt like…if you compare my runway episode three to episode four, it was a huge improvement in my representation…I felt like [the critique toward me] was not proportionate to what actually happened,” she continued. “It just felt like they were more willing to say negative things to me than they were to others. That’s how it felt to me. I’m not saying that’s the truth. I’m just saying that’s how it felt to me.”

Eve’s edit portrayed her to be the most sensitive of the group. It’s a label she’s had to come to terms with throughout her life, and on some level, the edit of her sensitivity is something Eve is not entirely comfortable with.

“It was hard to watch some of it,” she said about watching herself on television. “I definitely am a sensitive person and I kind of went through my life a lot, like blocking out my emotions a lot. And…as I’ve gotten older, my emotions are just more and more on the surface. I don’t know why that is, but nowadays, like I’ll cry over just everything, you know? So it was, it was hard to watch because every time I see myself getting emotional on the screen. It brings back the same feelings and I start to get emotional again…It’s hard to watch.”

“I also had some issues with how I was portrayed on the show, but I also understand that the show is only so long and they can only capture so much and they can’t show all sides of every person in every episode,” she continued.

Despite some of her ups and downs, Eve said she had fun getting to know the other girls, especially after the series wrapped.

“It was interesting being there. I think some of the other girls have expressed to me that it was harder to connect with me on the show because I was so hard on myself and I completely understand that. But I did have a lot of moments with the other girls that aren’t always shown, because again, there’s only 60 minutes in an episode,” she said. “But I really connected with, with Stephanie [Prince], with Suki [Doll], with Synthia [Kiss]. You know, I really connected with a lot of them and it shows. It was great getting to know all of them, ’cause they’re all really great people and it’s…even better, after filming the show, getting to hang out with some of them and talk to them on the phone for hours at a time. And I just have a great time with all of them.”

She also had good words to say about Brooke Lynn Hytes, who she said was very professional and knowledgeable on set.

“I have so much respect for Brooke Lynn. I think I’m very grateful that our show is judged by someone who has actually done it and still does it works out all around the world, all the stages that we want to be on. You know, I think that’s amazing. And I have so much respect for her as a queen and as an entertainer. She’s someone that I’ve looked up to since the moment I started doing drag, you know, I used to go out [to Brook Lynn’s home club] on Friday nights and see her do ‘Partition’ by Beyoncé every week, so I’ve always looked up to Brooke Lynn and I’m very grateful to have been on the platform with her.”

With her new platform, Eve hopes to bring her political and social interests to the forefront, in keeping with the tradition of political drag of the past.

“I mean, anything can happen. I don’t think I’ll be hosting my own Drag Race, but anything could happen. I mean, it all comes down to being in the right place, the right time or being the right person for the job. And I’m just going to continue to put myself out there and put my best foot forward in my drag,” she said.

“With whatever platform I might have, with whatever platform I gained from this show, I definitely intends to focus on a lot of the social issues that I care about,” she continued. “I’ve always been a queen who believes that drag gets political and there are a lot of political and social causes I’m deeply passionate about, as well as even worldwide political causes. I definitely want to use whatever platform I have to try to advance those causes in whatever way that I can.”

Canada’s Drag Race airs Thursdays on WOW Presents Plus.