Spoilers for the first week of Canada’s Drag Race below:

It’s a sad fact of RuPaul’s Drag Race that one of the contestants must leave first.

Unfortunately for Canada’s Drag Race‘s second season, the first one to leave the show was Beth, a queen who gained a lot of fandom support from her engaging “Meet the Queens” video. However, she learned a lot from her time on show, which she shared with Shadow and Act.

“I’m honored to have met such, such amazing people. And, you know, I consider all of these people’s friends for life,” she said of the cast and crew. “There’s not one specific person who I love more than the other. We all went through this together and it’s honestly such an honor to have those people in my life now. And I hope to have them there for years and years to come.”

She said that bonding with the girls so quickly was something she didn’t expect.

“It was wild. I have never gotten so close to a group of people so quickly. The 12 of us are the only 12 people who know what it’s like to go to this specific experience, right? So we just get so close so quickly,” she said.

“I knew some of them coming into the show, but not on the level I know them now,” she continued. “We also have so much to learn about each other and I’m so excited to learn, learn, learn from them and learn about them. But it was honestly, it’s such an amazing experience. I am so honored to have such amazing friends for life.”

As part of the Métis community, Beth was part of Canada’s Drag Race‘s Indigenous representation. She said she was glad to use her platform to provide more visibility.

“My goal was never to be the voice for all Indigenous people. It never is, but you know, my goal with my platform will always be to be able to share that platform and give that platform to people who I believe need to have their voices heard,” she said. “I can’t speak for all Indigenous people, and everyone’s experience as an Indigenous person is different. But I am definitely honored to be able to be on the show, represents that the community. I’m very grateful for that.”

The first challenge of the episode, the mini-challenge, involved the queens doing a photoshoot which had them reaching for the crown, literally. The queens had to jump from a height into a foam pit, and Beth said it was definitely an ordeal.

“So, being a bigger girl, [the pit] was a little difficult to get out of. My breast plate I was wearing is heavy–that’s over six pounds. So getting some momentum and getting…enough air [was tough]. [The breast plate] is literally an anchor and it’s just pulling me right back down,” she said. “It was fun, though. It felt like a throwback to one of the older challenges so, in that moment, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re doing this challenge. It was so fun, it was so cool. It was such a cool experience and working with [photographer Caitlin Cronenberg] on that photoshoot was so fun, too. She was amazing.”

The maxi-challenge was the classic unconventional materials challenge, with the queens creating haute couture looks from props and fabric left behind at a hypothetical coat check closet. Beth’s idea for her look, a mermaid dress, had promise, but the pressure she put on herself unfortunately got the better of her.

“I definitely knew going into the show that the only thing that’s gonna stop me is myself and getting in my head. So I told myself I’m not going to get in my head when I get there. And the first thing I did [on] the very first challenge was I got my head,” she said. “I knew it was happening and…the second day there, I definitely just told myself, ‘Just focus on what you’re doing, focus on what you’re doing,’ but, you know, it was definitely hard. It was a wild experience and I think a big part of it was I was putting too much pressure on my myself and comparing myself to the other girls and what they were doing.”

Photo: World of Wonder

“I wish I didn’t go in my mind, but you know, it happened,” she continued. “I try not to regret anything in life. You know, everything happens for a reason. So I’m grateful for the opportunity…I knew queens like Kendall [Gender] and Gia [Metric] coming into this, and I never fault them for this either…[but] I was really excited to go into the show and just do me and have no one have any preconceptions of who I am as a performer, as an artist. It threw me off to be surrounded by people I know. I love them so much, too. I’m so happy for them for this opportunity. But I think a big part of it was it…was a weird experience because it was so new, but it was also nice to have familiar faces there as well, too.”

If Beth was able to do Snatch Game, she said she would go the Tiger King route.

“I was really considering Carole Baskin,” she said. “I think she’s so left field for me. I don’t know how it would have went over, but I was excited to give it a go.”

She also said she’s learned not to sell herself short.

“Don’t doubt myself. You know, I know I have what it takes to take over this world and the only person stopping me is myself,” she said. “So I just want to, you know, get out of my head and kill it. I’m, I’m so ready to use this platform into amazing things with that.”

Canada’s Drag Race airs Thursdays on WOW Present Plus.