A few months ago, it was reported by UK industry publications that Chewing Gum would not return for Season 3 (at least not anytime soon).

However, its star, Michaela Coel, is now saying that there will actually be a third season.

She confirmed the news when responding to fans on Twitter.

She also stated once again that she never spoke to a publication or journalist about the show ending.

The report in question ran in Broadcastsaying that it would not be returning on Channel E4, and that Coel believed she reached “a creative peak” last season.

“She’s a very funny and clever writer so she’ll always have a home here if she wants to do a project with us. It’s bittersweet but it’s always been part of what we do here. We establish people and then there’s a point where they have to move on,” said Channel E4 exec Fiona McDermott in the report.

Aside from working on  Chewing Gum Season 3, Michaela Coel has two top-secret projects in the works at Netflix, a drama and a dark comedy. Netflix also has the worldwide rights to her musical, Been So Long.