Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle in New Orleans Mar 25, 2017
Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle in New Orleans Mar 25, 2017

Before it was announced that Dave Chappelle would be bringing his blistering brand of comedy to Netflix, with 2 all-new stand-up specials (they premiered last week), the premiere streaming platform had inked a similar deal months prior with Chris Rock – two brand new comedy specials, marking the multiple Emmy Award-winning comedian’s return to stand-up after an eight-year absence. Rock is taping two all-new specials (via his 2017 “Total Blackout” Tour) that will debut on Netflix around the world later this year, it’s assumed (although Netflix has yet to date the specials).

Rock is getting a reported $20 million per special, or a whopping $40 million total, which is significant for a stand-up comic.

Some of you may have read tweets over the weekend from “Total Blackout” attendees sharing their excitement over Dave Chappelle’s unexpected appearance on stage with Rock, during one of his tour tapings.

Also, apparently Jeff Ross and Eric Andre joined Rock on stage as well at some point.

And Rock himself shared the below image on Instagram yesterday, showing all 4 funnymen, with the caption: “Had some special guests tonight. #TotalBlackOutTour check it out. #NewOrleans”

Had some special guests tonight. #TotalBlackOutTour check it out. #NewOrleans

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Further digging revealed that the New Orleans crowd that attended the above show, expecting to catch Rock on his “Total Blackout” tour, were instead treated to Rock co-headlining a 90-minute set with Dave Chappelle. That’s right! 90 minutes with Rock and Chappelle, just riffing. You wish you were there too.

As Complex reports, Jeff Ross and Eric Andre performed a set first, and then Chappelle appeared (much to the surprise of the audience, who gave him a standing ovation), and then Rock finally joined the party in what Chappelle called “a social experiment,” as they traded jokes to the immense thrill of all those who in attendance.

Here’s another tweet on the matter, with a photo:

All this to wonder whether the rest of us (who weren’t lucky enough to be present for this historic moment in stand-up comedy) should expect to see any of the above surprises (Chappelle with Rock, as well as Jeff Ross and Eric Andre) in either of the 2 upcoming Chris Rock Netflix “Total Blackout” specials. One can only hope; if not as part of the specials, then maybe a separate release entirely? Rock and Chappelle alone performed for a straight 90 minutes! That’s long enough for one disk, or an HBO special.

Hats off to Netflix though, for its concerted effort to increasingly become the preeminent destination for stand-up comedy, partnering with top-tier talent across a wide variety of styles and humor, enabling them to bring their fresh, distinctive and hilarious voices to Netflix subscribers around the world. In addition to Rock and Chappelle, Netflix specials are also on the way from Tracy Morgan, Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K. and others. Currently on the streaming platform, you’ll find specials from Mike Epps, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Tucker, and more.

Now we wait for a premiere date for Rock’s specials, and hopefully more details on what audiences can expect from each.

Last year, when the Chris Rock “Total Blackout” tour was first announced, Rock took to his Facebook page to speak on the tour, and shared a poster for it (embedded below). Watch his Facebook video announcement below:

Chris Rock
Chris Rock