Fear The Walking Dead star Colman Domingo isn’t just stopping at zombies when it comes to his relationship with AMC Networks. According to Screen Daily, the actor announced at MIPCOM a new comedy-drama project he and AMC are working on together.

The project, he and AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan said, is currently titled West Philly Baby and is based on the stage play Dot, written by Domingo himself. The play focuses on a family matriarch who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

“…It’s a dark comedy. It’s about how the matriarch, her filter is gone and now that her filter is gone you find out some secrets of the family,” said Colman at MIPCOM. “Does it upend the family or does it bring them closer together? It brings them more closely together, hopefully over many, many seasons.”

While on stage, Domingo told Sapan that he wants to make sure he gets the show right so it can last for a long time with the network by “creating the right spine to take us forward to develop more seasons.”