For this edition of Crowdfund This, we’re presenting three projects on the road to securing funds for indie web series projects. Here are two projects that are crowdfunding that caught our eye and are sure to catch yours too:

Black Retail

Created by Brooklyn-based director and screenwriter Chanel Dupree and produced by Natalie Evans, Black Retail is a half-hour comedy centering on the lives and friendships of three black millennial women: Brandy, Tiana and Ashley. Their retail jobs were supposed to pay bills while they jump-start their dreams, but when complacency settles in, they find themselves stuck in more places than just work. When everything from anal retail culture, micro-aggressions, exes and family drama gets to an all-time high, they struggle to identify when they’re clocking in for work and out of reality. Described as “Southside meets Insecure with some Atlanta seasoned on top,” Black Retail is currently crowdfunding for its first season via Kickstarter.


Created by Moon Ferguson, ​​Criblore is a horror anthology series about an eccentric group of characters and their run-ins with witches, demons, vampires, and more. Set in South Florida, locally known as “The Crib,” these tales shed light on the rich black culture of the forgotten south with a dark & spooky twist. Each episode follows a different set of characters and their encounters with different supernatural beings, from witches and trolls to ghosts and mermaids.  Each episode also is a different sub-genre of horror giving the show different tones and styles. Ferguson enlisted a group of Black women – Adrianna Cherelle, Shayla Racquel, Tyeshea Campbell and Kiara Diana Butler – to bring Criblore to life throughout various stages in production, from writing, directing, set design. Now in post-production, Criblore is raising funds for color grading, sound design, score/music composition, visual effects and key art/graphic design. The Kickstarter for Criblore, which currently stands at a crowdfunding goal for $3,000, ends on July 1. 

Love Undone

Aspin-off of the award-winning digital drama series Unconditional Love, Love Undone explores two unconventional couples’ complexities and nuances. Currently raising funds via GoFundMe to create a Season 2, Love Undone sits a crowdfunding goal of $22,000