For this edition of Crowdfund This, we’re presenting three projects on the road to securing funds for film and TV projects. Here are three projects that are crowdfunding that caught our eye and are sure to catch yours too:

  1. In My Garden

Written and directed by Zahri Josita Jackson, the synopsis for In My Garden reads: “After the loss of her closest friend, Safiyah pushes through her lonely life by shutting out the world. Succumbing to the weight of her self-isolation, Safiyah is fired from her job and comforted by words from a generous stranger, who, during a fun girls’ night, shows her a new meaning of ‘friend.'”

2. Sweetie

The synopsis for Sweetie is as follows “Over half the population of the world has a first period story. What do all of their stories have in common? That they felt unprepared and awkward about this loss of innocence. Sweetie specifically focuses on a story that highlights how young kids can be when they first get their periods.” Written and directed by Christl Stringer, the Kickstarter for Sweetie can be found here.

3. Black Magic

Written and directed by Cristin Stephens, Black Magic is a dark comedy that follows Alicia, a Black screenwriter, as she navigates her new staff writer position on a network drama. When she discovers that she’s nothing more than the diversity hire, Alicia tries to prove her worth to a room that must write in a “diverse” character to save their show. As the character devolves into little more than a trope, Alicia faces a choice: compromise her hard-earned dream job or compromise herself?” The Seed and Spark campaign for Black Magic can be found here.