The Boy Meets World saga continues. Months after Trina McGee revealed that racist jokes were levied at her while on the Boy Meets World set, Danielle Fishel has confirmed that during the filming of the show’s spinoff, Girl Meets World, she was mean to McGee during her return. McGee has also talked more about the situations and the cast members who have made amends in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment.

Along with tweeting about the racism she experienced on Boy Meets World, McGee also tweeted in January about how her return to Girl Meets World was “greeted with blank cold stares” and was she “dissed for believing in God in front of extras,” as reported by The Root.

“Not mad. Just feeling free to comment on 20 plus years of disrespectful behavior,” she tweeted.

Fishel, who played Topanga during both series, confirmed the tweet was about her in June, writing that she owed McGee an apology “for being rude, cold & distant when she guest-starred on GMW.”

“Trina and I spoke over a month ago and she gracefully accepted my apology,” she tweeted. She also tweeted about how she is working on becoming a better ally to Black people in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

McGee told Yahoo! Entertainment about her conversations with former castmates, revealing Fishel’s bad behavior was because she was going through tough times “on a personal level.” McGee’s conversation with Will Friedle, however, was a little different. As we have already reported, Friedle was confirmed as the cast member who was taunting McGee with the phrase “Aunt Jemima.” Friedle has since apologized, and McGee said the conversation was “healing,” a statement she had said earlier in June when writing about Friedle and Fishel. However, she told Yahoo Entertainment that she doesn’t think Friedle’s apology is “completely sincere,” a statement that could make people side-eye Friedle once again.

She did not implicate Rider Strong, who played her on-screen boyfriend Shawn in any of her prior statements and said that he was not involved. However, she returned to guest-star in Girl Meets World (which Rider recurred on and directed many episodes), she says Strong brought up Friedele’s actions and tried to explain them as “playful joking and prodding to get a rise out of her.”

“When I walked away from that experience, I got pissed again because I was like, What the hell?” she said. “Years later, this is the explanation for it?”

The actress says the only cast member she hasn’t talked to about the situation is Ben Savage, stating “I do not talk to Ben Savage at all.”


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