Danny Glover as Michael Ocean in 'Ulysses – A Dark Odyssey'
Danny Glover as Michael Ocean in ‘Ulysses – A Dark Odyssey’


One of several projects on veteran actor Danny Glover’s upcoming slate is Ulysses – A Dark Odyssey by Italian filmmaker Federico Alotto, a feature film based on Homer’s classic with an international cast, featuring Glover and popular German actor Udo Kier. —

Shot in Turin, Italy, Glover and Kier are joined in the cast by Turin-born actor Andrea Zirio (who stars in the film as the title character), as well as Anamaria Marinca, Cassandra Gava, Gianni Capaldi, Jessika Polsky and Christopher Jones.

Zirio plays a modern Ulysses who is described as “a solider by profession who returns from the front line bearing scars from the war on his body and soul… The Odyssey of his journey brings him to a Turin of corrupt and psychedelic beauty, full of bewitching animals, inner demons, and mysterious figures that follow him right up until his last inevitable choice.”

Glover plays a character named Micheal Ocean. No details on the character’s overall involvement in the story at this time, although he’s featured quite a bit in the trailer below, which premiered over the weekend. The above photo is of Glover in character, lifted from the project’s Facebook page.

The film also co-stars Deborah Anne Dyer, known by the stage name Skin, lead singer and songwriter for Skunk Anansie, and occasional model (image of her immediately below); no word on what her role in the film is at this time, but she is also featured prominently in the below trailer:

Skin Skinny
Skin Skinny

Los Angeles-based production, distribution and IP management company Global Genesis Group has acquired worldwide rights to Ulysses: A Dark Journey, although no release date has been set at this time.

The film is produced by Turin-based company Adrama S.r.l.

A first teaser-trailer has premiered and is embedded below: