Dave star and rapper GaTa has joined the cast of Sony’s untitled R-rated romantic comedy starring Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

Deadline reports that the film’s plot and GaTa’s role are currently udner wraps. But what is known is that the film is being shot in Australia with Will Gluck directing. Gluck also rewrote the originals cript by Ilana Wolpert.

Also starring in the film include Dermot Mulroney, Michelle Hurd, Rachel Griffiths, Bryan Brown, Hadley Robinson and Darren Barnet. Gluck, Joe Roth and Jeff Kirshchenbaum are producing with Sweeney executive producing via Fifty-Fifty Films. RK Films’ Natalie Sellers and Alyssa Altman are also executive producing via RK Films with Jaqueline Monetta via Olive Bridge.

Apart from Dave, which has been both lauded and criticized for the inspiration it takes from Donald Glover’s Atlanta, GaTa can be seen in Paramount+’s On the Come Up and Sundance film Young. Wild. Free. He will also be seen next in the SXSW premiere of Self Reliance.

Dave, which has featured entertainers including Doja Cat and Lil Nas X, became FX Networks’ most watched comedy in the networks’ history with 5.32 million viewers, edging out Atlanta, which averaged 5.2 million. However, that hasn’t been without controversy, including fans and Glover’s own irritation with the series capitalizing on Atlanta’s success. Glover said in 2022 that the show had an “artificial flavor” to him.

“The organic show should be about a white rapper who’s more successful than his Black peers from the jump because he’s more accessible,” he said. “But what he actually wants is to be a part of the culture, but his success keeps him from that and a lot of his Black peers and friends resent him for it but also feel like they have to f— with him because it’s good for them. That’s the internal struggle I see. Anyway.”

Dave Burd, who plays the series’ lead, aspiring rapper Lil Dicky, also apparently has a history with the N-word that music site Genius was quick to call out, making the show even more problematic for some viewers.