Last month, Shadow and Act reported that fans of the classic sitcom 227 were in for a treat when it was announced that Marla Gibbs was joining the cast of the long-running soap opera Days Of Our Lives in the role of Olivia Price, the mother of Paulina Price.

Price is portrayed by none other than Gibbs’ 227 co-star, Jackie Harry. In a new interview, Gibbs is reflecting on her Days Of Our Lives experience.

Speaking with Soap Opera Network, Gibbs said she was elated when she was offered a role on the famed soap opera.

“My agent called and said they wanted me to come on as one of Jackée’s relatives,” recalled Gibbs. “I didn’t know she was on the show [at the time]. So, I said, ‘of course I would love to come on as a relative.’ I didn’t know I was going to be her momma, but I have been her momma before,” she said, citing that they played mother and daughter on the syndicated sitcom, The First Family.

On Olivia’s storyline, Gibbs teased her secret. “I was trying to keep her [Paulina] under control, trying to keep her from telling something she wanted desperately to tell and I couldn’t allow her to do it, and so that’s where we started and then it went from there.”

Right now, she is appearing in four episodes but wants to do more. “When it started out I was going to do four, so I did four and I’m hoping to do some more,” she said.

Of course, Harry and Gibbs played iconic frenemies Mary Jenkins and Sandra Clark on 227. Gibbs had nothing but praise for her soap opera experience and reunion with Harry. She says that her time was “marvelous.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t get to work with all of the actors I’m watching because Jackée and I, our scenes were together and it was regarding what we were dealing with, and the show has five or six different scenes going on so it jumps around from one into the other,” she explained.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.