Season 2 of Pose came to a climactic end Tuesday night.

Did the final moments of the season introduce the House of Evangelista’s new generation? Is this the House of Evangelista 2.0?

Spoilers below; As noted in our recap:

Our season ends with Blanca watching her now engaged children, Angel and Lil Papi, walking off into the night when she spots two young kids. She calls them over and asks them their names, and she finds out that Quincy and Chilly are both new to New York after having been kicked out of their homes by their parents. Once she finds out they have been sleeping at the Piers she invites them out to eat with her and Pray and the four of them walk off into the night.

Creator Steven Canals broke down the last moment of the season in a post-mortem interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

When asked if this was setting up the next Evangelistas for Season 3, Canals said, “This is the next era for the House of Evangelista. The reality is — and it’s all in the setup of who Blanca is in the pilot — that Blanca has a deep desire to leave a legacy behind. Blanca being a mother is such a large part of what Pose is about, and certainly, I would argue, the largest part of her character arc. The show is about motherhood and what it means to mother and to be mothered. Obviously, the last bit of the season we saw the dissolution of the House of Evangelista. Now, Blanca needs to figure out what her role is and who she is when her other kids have moved on. How does her mothering continue to evolve? Even if, moving forward, Quincy and Chilly aren’t specifically her children or aren’t in a revamped House of Evangelista, what we wanted the audience to take away from that moment is that Blanca isn’t done being a mom and that it’s a core part of who she is as a woman.”

When asked if KJ Aikens and Gia Parr, who portray the two potential newcomers, would return as series regulars in Season 3, Canals said that it was too early to tell.

And on how Damon (Ryan Jamaal Swain), Angel (Indya Moore) and Lil Papi (Angel Curiel) could fit into the new world, Canals said, “What’s important for the audience to remember is that Damon, Angel and Lil Papi will always be Evangelistas. They’ll always be Blanca’s children. They’ll always have a special relationship with her. And I don’t even know that we could say definitively that they won’t ever be back in Blanca’s house — literally and figuratively. If we’re thinking about actual ballroom, folks sort of go off and do other things with their lives and then they return. So, it’s realistic for us to consider that Damon would go off to Europe to choreograph and then eventually rejoin the house a couple years later and bring all those new skills with him. We’ll see once we get into talking about the story for season three.”

Pose returns for Season 3 in 2020.



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