It looks like Dionne Warwick wants to trade in her microphone for Wendy Williams’ purple couch and spew hot topics. In recent years, Warwick has become a favorite on social media with her Twitter commentary. The “Walk On By” singer believes she can do Williams’ job just as good…or even better.

“Wendy’s got her own platform, which I’m going to try to invade very soon,” she told Page Six. “Yes, it’ll be fun. I’m gonna make it fun.”

Warwick’s grievance with Williams began after Warwick says a friend alerted her that Williams made negative remarks about Warwick on her show regarding Warwick’s alleged past drug use. Warwick says she forewarned Williams years ago to never mention her name or the allegations publicly as they were disputed.

Williams hasn’t commented on Warwick’s recent statement but she’s never one to bite her tongue. Maybe Warwick could be a guest on the show in an upcoming episode to finally put things to rest.