Djimon Hounsou will join the Charlie’s Angels reboot as one of the film’s Bosleys, the liaisons between the secret agents–the Angels–and their hidden boss Charlie. The other two Bosleys are being played by Elizabeth Banks and Patrick Stewart.

According to Variety, Charlie’s Angels will focus on the newest generation of Angels. As the article states, “Since the original films, the Townsend Agency has grown considerably and gone global, providing security and intelligence services to a wide variety of private clients with offices and highly trained teams worldwide.”

The article states that the film focuses on just one of those teams, which makes me wonder if that statement opens up the rebooted franchise to focus on other teams in the future, giving us the opportunity to see many different women inhabit the Angels name.

Charlie’s Angels is directed by Banks as well as Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Jonathan Tucker, Ella Balinska and Luis Gerardo Méndez. Charlie’s Angels will be in theaters Sept. 27, 2019.

Hounsou can next be seen in Captain Marvel as Kree soldier Korath and in Aquaman as The Fisherman King, both films coming out in 2019.