We all recall the moment when our beloved Lil Nas X split his pants right down the middle during his Saturday Night Live debut. Now, the rapper/singer is spilling the tea on the whole debacle in RuPaul’s Drag Race icon Monique Heart’s new show, The Walk In.

In the Amazon Music short-form fashion series, the Drag Race season 10 star and All Stars 4 finalist goes through the closets of music icons including Lil Nas X and Rico Nasty, among others. In a preview fro the show, we watch Monique quizzing Lil Nas over that hilarious SNL wardrobe malfunction.

“[It’s] the infamous moment where every homo rewound the tape and slowed it down,” Monique tells Lil Nas X in the trailer for The Walk In. In the trailer, she also promises the rapper that she’s going to “steal, like, three looks” from his closet. She jokes, “You said ‘call me when you want,’ so, give me $20. You got it!”

In The Walk In, Monique will go behind the scenes with her guests, discussing some of their most memorable looks from red carpets to music videos.

At one point, Lil Nas X shows Monique those stunning thigh-high stiletto boots he wore in his “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” music video. “I feel like these are my first set of heel heels,” he explained. Monique responded with high praise for the “That’s What I Want” singer’s stripper skills!”

The Walk In‘s debut episode with Lil Nas X is currently available to stream via Amazon Music‘s YouTube. You can watch below: