As new episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop continue to air, fans are still getting used to not seeing Romeo Miller. In his absence and no more storyline surrounding his relationship or friendship with Angela Simmons, Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick have become the most talked-about couple on the show. 

Criss is the daughter of Sandy “Pepa” Denton (Salt N’ Pepa) and Treach of Naughty By Nature. Criss is also an artist who gave up college to follow in her famous parent’s musical footsteps.

By Season 4, Criss began dating Mattick, a fellow rapper. Their relationship has been met with criticism from the start, not only from friends and co-stars, but also Criss’ parents. Mattick has been accused of being a bad influence on Criss. She even fought her co-star Brianna Latrise over her criticism of their relationship. 

At one point, the couple ran off and tried to elope in Las Vegas. Pepa and her son Tryan Moore, also Criss’ brother, intervened before they jumped the broom.

Many assumed the wedding would take place during season 5 after Mattick officially proposed.  They were said to be getting hitched on May 7, but no official wedding photos have surfaced.

Criss’s Instagram page is still full of photos with her and Mattick, so it’s clear they are still together. The rest of their relationship will play out on season 6. 

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on WE Tv on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST.