Euphoria wrapped up its stellar freshman season Sunday night and folks are buzzing about the ending.

Caution! Spoilers below:

After departing from Jules, (who has decided to venture off from the suburbs to the city to essentially be with her new boo, Anna) Rue relapses and snorts a line of cocaine before collapsing onto the bed. What happens next is surely going down as a polarizing moment in the show’s history, with some either loving it or others desiring more. Rue, in a dreamlike state, is lifted from her bed and drifts outside, flanked by a maroon-robed choir, performing the show’s theme “All for Us.” The original version, performed by the show’s composer, Labrinth, has been remixed to include vocals from Zendaya.

Now, many theories on social media continue to reiterate the popular theory that Rue is dead and has been narrating all of this from beyond the grave. However, given that the show has been renewed for Season 2, Rue is possibly either passed out, has overdosed, and this hallucination is just a result of her high. This could just be that powers-that-be are giving us an extended Zendaya music video as a thank you present for tuning in all season. Maybe the season, plot-wise, ended with Zendaya taking the drugs.

Now, some Rue-Is-Dead truthers may point to several things about this scene, including the fact that in the hallucination/music video sequence, Rue could not interact with her mom or Gia — only her dad who is deceased, meaning that Rue must be dead too. But again, we’re not buying it. Now, could Rue could be dead at the eventual conclusion of the series? Maybe so. This could still be set up. But as for now, no, Rue can’t be dead y’all.

Another idea that proves the fact that Rue is still alive are the birds chirping during the song in the closing credits. If you remember, Rue says that when she is in the hospital, she imagines that the beeping sounds are birds chirping. So….yeah.

Also, if you still aren’t convinced, in an interview posted to HBO’s YouTube channel discussing the season finale, Hunter Schafer says that the duo’s love still exists, which means that Rue will have to be back. There is even a moment when Zendaya sort-of corrects her, saying “We hope they make it,” seemingly in an attempt to keep the ending open-ended.

Watch the scene below, featuring Labrinth & Zendaya’s “All for Us,” which you can listen to on Apple Music and Spotify as well.



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