Everybody Hates Chris premiered 15 years ago, and Tyler James Williams, who played a young Chris Rock in the series, tweeted to fans nine little known facts about the iconic series.

1. The child actors dealt with a limited schedule: Williams wrote that he and the other child actors of the show were around 12 to 13 years old, which meant they could only film for short amounts of time. “Because of child labor laws (we could only work 9.5 hours vs the usual show average of 12 hours a day) this group had to be more efficient than usual,” he wrote. “Everyone rose to the occasion.”

2. Everybody Hates Chris jumpstarted The CW: The show was part of the first group of shows that gave The CW, a network created as a result of the merger between The WB and UPN, its start. “We were a big part of a small collective of shows that helped launch the CW to what it is today,” wrote Williams.

3. Imani Hakim’s impressive casting: Imani Hakim, who played Williams’ on-screen sister Tonya, landed her role after the first audition. “Very rarely does this happen first time out the gate,” wrote Williams. “It speaks to how great and naturally built for this she is.” Hakim is currently starring on Apple+’s Mythic Quest.

4. Everybody Hates Chris was high school: Williams wrote that he can’t remember any specific episode because, to him, filming the show “was high school for us, so it’s the equivalent of asking u if u remember one of the less eventual days from your high school life.”

5. The show is still in syndication: Williams confirmed that only four seasons were shot in four years, 88 episodes in total. “We were done by 2009,” he wrote. “It seems like we filmed for longer than we did because we blew up in syndication once we finished around 2009 and that’s when many fans found the show.”

6. Ali LeRoy deserves his flowers: Williams wrote that Everybody Hates Chris‘ co-creator, Ali LeRoy, is the true backbone of the show. “Chris Rock receives a lot of credit for this show, as he should. But the man on the ground, everyday, running this how and making it the legendary show that it was, was @mrleroi,” he wrote. “He is the answer to why this show worked. He’s a legend who deserves all of his flowers.”

7. A reboot has been brought up: Williams revealed that there has been “a convo” about a reboot, “but the interesting hiccup & blessing is that everyone in this photo is very busy.” With everyone working, Williams wrote, “[w]e’ll keep trying but I’m proud of our scheduling issue.”

8. Williams gives answers about the series finale: Williams wrote that the series finale was a “shot for shot parody” of The Sopranos, one of the popular shows of 2009, the same year Everybody Hates Chris ended. The series ended with Chris trying to earn his GED. Williams confirmed that Chris does get his GED “and drops out,” which “starts his journey to comedy.”

9. The series wasn’t filmed in New York: Even though Everybody Hates Chris was set in New York, the series was filmed in Los Angeles. “Although they cast a kid from New York (was still living there at the time) for the lead it was all shot at Paramount Studios in LA,” Williams wrote. “That’s why you see the outside of the family house in so many other shows and music videos.”

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