Fans of the hit OWN reality series Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s were stunned when former Tina Turner background singer turned restaurant owner Robbie “Miss Robbie” Montgomery’s 21-year-old grandson Andre was gunned down outside of a St. Louis apartment complex. 

For five seasons, viewers grew to love the family for their soul food and close family ties. Andre, in particular, stole viewers’ hearts as Miss Robbie worked diligently to steer Andre on the right path. She incorporated Andre into their family restaurant business under the tutelage of her son, Tim Norman.

Norman was not easy on Andre. He took a tough-love approach with his young nephew. At one point, he got physical with Andre, causing Miss Robbie to fire him. But when Andre was killed in 2016, Norman appeared to be the pillar of strength for his family.

As it turns out, Norman may have been acting because according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Norman conspired to have Andre killed. Prosecutors allege that two years prior to Andre’s murder, Norman took out several life insurance policies totaling $450,000 that lists Norman as the sole beneficiary.

Reports reveal that Norman believed Andre was responsible for a burglary at Miss Robbie’s home. Andre, who’d moved back to live with his mother in Texas, returned to St. Louis days before his killing to speak with investigators about the burglary. Andre denied any involvement and reportedly named Norman as the potential perpetrator. Norman is said to have been furious and sought revenge.

Norman allegedly used other co-conspirators to help locate Andre in the days leading up to his murder. Just moments before he was shot, Andre received a call from a mutual friend of both he and Norman to meet him outside of the apartment complex. After shots rang out, police say the co-conspirator, a woman, called Norman immediately. 

Investigators were able to uncover everything via burner phones used between Norman and his accomplices. Days after the murder, Norman tried cashing in on the life insurance policies but was denied due to not being able to provide proper documentation. 

All About The Tea alleges that Norman’s motivation for the killing involves greed and jealously. He was apparently drowning in debt from opening too many restaurants throughout the country, which Miss Robbie sued him for. He was also fired from the franchise due to his bad business dealings. The site notes that many believe Norman was jealous of the relationship Miss Robbie and Andre shared.

Norman has pleaded not guilty. A judge has denied his request for bail and he will remain in jail until the trial begins.