Still from the miniseries, "Madiba". (Photo: Marcos Cruz)
Still from the miniseries, “Madiba”. (Photo: Marcos Cruz)

“Madiba,” BET Networks’ acclaimed three-part saga telling the definitive story of Nelson Mandela that launched on February 1st, comes to an end tonight, February 15th, airing part 3 starting at 8PM ET/PT. “Madiba” serves as the cornerstone of BET’s Black History Month programming. It stars Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor, playwright, director, and producer Laurence Fishburne as Nelson Mandela. Orlando Jones, David Harewood, Michael Nyqvist and Terry Pheto co-star in the miniseries as Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu (two of Mandela’s closest friends), Dr. H.F. Verwoerd (the prime minister of Apartheid-era South Africa from 1958 until his assassination in 1966) and Mandela’ second wife, Winnie Mandela, respectively.

Based on two Mandela autobiographies, “Conversations with Myself” and “Nelson Mandela by Himself,” “Madiba” tells the most personal and comprehensive story of Mandela’s life, focusing on the man, and his innermost thoughts and fears as he fought and sacrificed for freedom to become an international icon. While many recognize Mandela as the face of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, this mini-series also pays homage to the many lesser known men and women who sacrificed and suffered alongside of him in South Africa’s quest for freedom.

The series was filmed exclusively in South Africa and on Robben Island, and along with detailing the early years of Mandela’s personal journey, “Madiba” reveals the behind-the-scenes strategizing and bold organizing tactics he and his collaborators used to bring attention to their movement both domestically and internationally. “Madiba” is relevant in these times of racial unrest and serves as a reminder of the trials of political injustice, and giving us a roadmap of the hope and possibilities that come with being on the right side of history.

The six-hour mini-series is produced and financed by Blue Ice Pictures, and Out of Africa Entertainment Production in association with Cinema Gypsy Productions and executive produced by Blue Ice Pictures’ president, Lance Samuels. The film is directed by Kevin Hooks, the first African-American director to helm a story about Mandela’s life and legacy.

“Madiba” is written by Paul Webb, Jane Maggs, Janine Eser, Avie Luthra and Kathleen McGhee-Anderson.

Ahead of tonight’s grand finale, Shadow and Act has been granted an exclusive first look at part 3, featuring Fishburne as a then free, aging Mandela in a post-apartheid South Africa, leader of the ANC (African National Congress), on the verge of becoming the country’s first black President in 1994.

Watch the 2-minute exclusive clip below and read Aramide Tinubu’s previously published in depth conversation with director Kevin Hooks and co-star Orlando Jones here: