NBA star-turned-media producer Steph Curry and director Tim Story are bringing Sean Connery’s 2000 film Finding Forrester to NBC.

The reboot will be written by TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson of Showtime’s The Chi. Curry will executive produce through his company, Unanimous Media. Story will direct.

The project will follow along the same lines as the Gus Van Sant-directed film, in which Connery plays an eccentric author who finds himself the mentor of a young Black teen, Jamal, played by Rob Brown.

But, one of the big differences between the film and the TV show will be that Connery’s character will be retconned into a “reclusive lesbian author whose career was ruined by a public scandal.” Also, both characters will be Black.

Here’s the description: The series examines the cost of success and the price of redemption through the unique bond between two gifted black writers: a homeless 16-year-old orphan who leverages his basketball skills to hustle his way into an ultra-competitive elite boarding school and a reclusive lesbian author whose career was ruined by a public scandal.

The series is under Curry and Unanimous’s first-look deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment.


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