The new episode of Apple TV+’s medical drama Five Days at Memorial will find Adepero Oduye’s character, nurse Karen Wynn, facing a huge decision regarding the safety of her patients.

The episode, “Day Four” sees “conditions continue to worsen in the hospital as Dr. Pou, Mulderick and the other medical staff grapple with how to best help their patients and how that help will be prioritized.” The exclusive clip is above.

Five Days at Memorial follows a hospital as they weather the storm (literally) of Hurricane Katrina and the tragedies that occurred. The series stars Vera Farmiga as Dr. Anna Pou, who becomes the central focus of a lawsuit regarding the decisions made during Hurricane Katrina.

Oduye talked about playing Wynn in an interview with Shadow and Act, stating that even in the midst of trauma, Black women must still show up and do the work.

“We have to still show up and do our jobs,” she said. “And what does that mean of setting things aside [and] even doubling down more on our jobs? That’s the dance or choice that particularly with this character of Karen, when she’s like, ‘I have a job to do, I’ve got to take care of these people.’ She’s like– we’re all tired, we’re all exhausted…there’s a lot of things happening. There’s a lot of things I don’t have control over, but what I have control over is the care of my staff and my patients and she just kind of goes all in, because that’s what needs to be done.”

Farmiga also talked about the show’s focus on the sacrifices healthcare workers make, especially in tough circumstances.

“In many ways, [the show] was a tribute to them [healthcare workers],” she said. “We got to take care of the people who take care of us. In many ways, the story honors them and sheds a spotlight on them.

Five Days at Memorial streams Fridays on Apple TV+.