In 2002, The Wire waltzed into our lives was lauded by its realistic portrayal of Baltimore’s streets. Through the lenses of its abusers, law enforcement and the brokers of narcotics, the crime series quickly became a hit. Six years later, fans would bid adieu to the series, tucking the project EIN their hearts.

Viewers welcomed Snowfall in 2017. The story of Franklin Saint, who desires to become a powerhouse, is met with the greed of overzealous takers who want what he has.

Arguably, each show has existed in its own right. However, with Snowfall continuing to establish itself as an iconic show in its own right with its fourth season, the debate of The Wire vs. Snowfall has transpired.

Writer and producer Cheo Hodari Coker waded into the debate, calling The Wire more accurate, but saying Snowfall is more entertaining.

As reported by TV Line, Coker explained, “[The Wire creator] David Simon, as a veteran journalist and the author of Homicide and The Corner, is much more akin to [Goodfellas co-screenwriter] Nick Pileggi.”

Coker continued, Simon “was around the real cops, the real Barksdales, and even features street legends as themselves in the show…Much the same way that [director Martin] Scorsese used a lot of real gangsters and ex-gangsters throughout Goodfellas. It’s closer to the ground and a lot more realistic. But The Godfather has a resonance and a poetry that also haunts me, in the same way it haunted John.”

One person who has an extreme amount of credibility in the debate between the two shows is actress Michael Hyatt, who starred in The Wire and currently stars in Snowfall.

Hyatt told TV Line, “Time will tell. Think about it. We are sitting here in 2021 talking about The Wire, which started in 2002. That was almost 20 years ago. But we are still experiencing Snowfall and all that is happening on the series as it exists.”

She continued, “It’s beautiful that Snowfall is happening as the revolution is happening. Because of that, history will embrace its existence as we continue telling our story in the years to come. I hope that Snowfall will be a part of the story that The Wire has been. Time will tell.”

The actress also talked about the phenomenal writing of both shows that caused viewers to become invested.

“People used to come up to me with The Wire and say, ‘The writing is just so good,’” Hyatt reminisces. “With Snowfall, we are out in the forefront, and John’s name is constantly and rightfully brought up as the creator and the director and executive producer. But these African men and women who write for Snowfall are pulling these experiences from their own being and are coming up with some brilliant stuff. It just makes it so easy to find and to give yourself to these things. They just embody you so comfortably because the writing is just so pure. You don’t have to work at it too tough because it’s just there.”

Snowfall‘s season 5 finale on FX airs soon.