TikTok has announced its first commissioned musical.

Titled For You, Paige, the musical is a part of TikTok’s #ProjectBroadway, which celebrates and supports all things theater, musicals and Broadway.

The popular app is no stranger to Broadway musicals, having featured live performances from The Lion King, Waitress and Wicked as part of its “Broadway Is Back” initiative.

@danieljmertzlufft “For You, Paige” cast reveal! @Roman Wellington Banks @sri! @jameshenry #projectbroadway #musicaltheater #musicals ♬ original sound – danieljmertzlufft

“In a story inspired by real TikTok creators, teenage music nerd Landon (played by Roman Banks) collaborates with his best friend Paige (played by Sri Ramesh) on a TikTok song inspired by her favorite book series. Landon’s TikTok goes viral, thrusting him into the spotlight — and leaving Paige behind,” the synopsis reads. “When a producer offers Landon the opportunity to adapt the book series into a musical, Landon discovers that the glory of doing it all himself isn’t worth the stress and enlists the help of Paige and the TikTok community to turn the show into a huge success.”

For You, Paige will feature James Henry as Tyler, Krystina Alabado as Kaia, JJ Niemannas Jarek, and others, with songs written by Daniel Mertzlufft, Julia Riew (who recently wrote her own musical), Katherine Lynn-Rose, RJ Christian, Blake Rouse, Morgan Reilly, Alex Engelberg, Kate Leonard and Gosz & Fotos.

Performed live from a theater in New York City, For You, Paige will only be available to watch globally on TikTok on April 14 at 7 p.m. ET/ 4 p.m. PT.